How Long Will It Take to Recover from Dental Sedation?

How Long Will It Take to Recover from Dental Sedation?

Oct 01, 2022

Sedation dentistry is good news for a person who puts off dentist visits for as long as possible. With sedatives, the sounds, sights and smells of your dentist’s office recede to the corners of your mind. The medications let one sail through a dental procedure with zero anxiety. Dentists also have to perform procedures without disruptive or anxious behavior from fearful patients.

Anyone who needs sedatives for the dental procedure should arrange a ride home after treatment. Dentists will recommend this based on the time it takes for your sedation to wear off.

What happens after a dental sedation procedure will depend on the type of dental procedure one has undergone. One may be prescribed pain medication to take for some days after the appointment. Also, there may be certain foods that one might not be able to eat for a while.

If one has surgery, the dentist will give them detailed post-operative instructions for the days following the appointment, which should be followed carefully.

Different levels of sedation dentistry near you are applied differently. The type of sedation that your dentist recommends depends on factors such as:

  • Your overall health
  • The type of dental procedure you need
  • Your age
  • Whether you have a disability or not
  • Your anxiety level

Dental Sedation Types and Recovery Time

Based on these considerations, your dentist will choose one of the following levels of sedation to administer to you. Each has its effects and recovery time.

Oral Sedation

A qualified dental professional will administer a sedative in pill form before a dental procedure. The drugs will make you disoriented and drowsy, which eliminates the anxiety. Also, oral sedation helps suppress your gag reflex and pain response. Your dentist ensures they choose a form of oral sedation that considers your systemic health.

The effects of this kind of sedation take 2-8 hours to wear off, depending on the drug. You’ll need a ride home if you get this kind of sedation.

IV Sedation

IV sedation needs a skilled and certified dentist. You’ll prepare for IV sedation by fasting for a few hours before injecting the sedative. Once the sedative enters your bloodstream, it causes partial loss of consciousness. Its effects wear off in 12 hours, and you can return to your routine in 24 hours.

Laughing Gas

Your dentist will administer laughing gas through a face mask covering your mouth and nose. You’ll inhale the gas and pull it to the lungs, where it finds its way into the bloodstream. This gas works well for kids, people with anxiety, and those with disabilities.

It works in 2-3 minutes, creating numbness and a calm mood that removes dental anxiety. Unfortunately, the effects wear off a few minutes after the face mask comes off.

General Anesthesia

For a lengthy intensive dental procedure, your dentist will use general anesthesia. This type of anesthesia causes a complete loss of consciousness. It takes 45 minutes to regain consciousness. However, it can take longer depending on the additional medication your dentist in Staley Family Dentistry uses during the procedure. The effects of general anesthesia wear off in 12-24 hours. Your dentist will advise you on how fast you can resume your daily routine.

Post Dental Anesthesia Care Instructions

After the sedation dentistry procedure in Terre Haute, Indiana, your dentist gives these instructions to follow for an uneventful recovery.

  • Go Home and Rest : Going home and resting is an important thing one can do to recover well from a dental sedation appointment at family dentistry in Terre Haute. Your dentist will recommend you stay with someone for at least 3 hours after leaving the office if you live alone.
  • Avoid Driving : You shouldn’t drive for at least 12 hours or operate heavy machinery after your appointment. You should have someone to drive you home after the appointment.
  • Take Your Time : You should always take your time when moving and use assistance as much as possible. When moving from sitting to standing or lying down to sitting, move very slowly. If you get any dizziness, you should lie back down and rest. Ensure you have someone to assist when you’re climbing stairs.
  • Take Your Medications : One can resume taking prescribed medication once they are back to drinking fluids. Also, one should take any prescriptions from the procedure as prescribed by the dentist.

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