Dental Crowns in Terre Haute, IN

Whether you have missing or damaged teeth, our dentists at Staley Family Dentistry in Terre Haute, IN, have the skills to restore their appearance and function. While there are many options they can choose from, the most versatile restoration pieces they work with are dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a restoration or replacement tooth for one that is missing or injured. If you have a cracked tooth or root canal, this piece fits over the natural tooth to protect from further injury, and it helps to salvage its function. Our dentist Terre Haute, Indiana, and any other dentist near me have the skills to fix your injured tooth with a crown. So, you should always feel comfortable whenever you’re coming to get dental crowns in Terre Haute, IN.

The crowns that our dentist in 47803 work with are often porcelain, but you may also get crowns that are:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain fused with metal.
  • Ceramic
  • Resin

According to the best dentist near me, the composition of your crown will depend on where it’s going in your mouth. If it is covering one of the chewing teeth, a premolar or molar, then it needs to be a strong, sturdy piece as chewing places a lot of force on these teeth. The crowns on non-chewing teeth can consist of lighter materials like porcelain or resin that are not as sturdy.

How Dentists Use Crowns

Our dentists at Staley Family Dentistry near you in Terre Haute, IN, use crowns for many reasons. As mentioned before, they can cover teeth to protect them after dental procedures or injuries. They also support restoration pieces like bridges that replace missing teeth. Crowns go on each end of a fixed bridge to give it support by fitting over healthy natural teeth.

Many people whose jobs depend on their looks cap their teeth to improve how they look. The “caps” that go over their natural teeth are dental crowns. If people have stained, small, or oddly shaped teeth, they can put the crowns over them to change and enhance their appearance.

Depending on the material, it can be difficult to tell a crown from a natural tooth. Our dentists can shade porcelain, ceramic, and resin crowns so that they blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. With the way light reflects off porcelain, it is difficult to tell it and enamel it apart from a distance or close-up.

If you want to improve how your teeth look or need an injured one restored, ask our dentists at Staley Family Dentistry in Terre Haute, IN, about using dental crowns for your procedure.

You should know that we also offer teeth whitening in Terre Haute, IN, and in all neighboring locations such as Clinton, Brazil, Paris, Rockville, and Farmersburg, just in case you ever need it.

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