How Soon After Extraction Can You Get A Dental Bridge?

How Soon After Extraction Can You Get A Dental Bridge?

Sep 01, 2022

A dental bridge can be used to fill gaps in your mouth, even those resulting from tooth extraction. The dental bridge has two or more crowns placed on the abutment that anchors your teeth to fill the gaps left by missing a tooth.

The false teeth can be supported by your natural teeth or dental implants, depending on your oral health situation. A long-lasting dental bridge is durable and looks and feels like your natural teeth. During your consultation, dentist near you performs a dental exam to determine if you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge. You will also be guided on the bridge types and determine the best one for you. It is important to get yours after the tooth extraction or later.

Why Are Dental Bridges Needed?

A missing tooth or teeth can affect how you chew, bite or even talk. Getting a dental bridge is thus important in:

  • Restoring your smile
  • Readjusting your bite
  • Making it easier for your to chew or bite again
  • Maintaining the shape of your face
  • Preventing the neighboring teeth from shifting, thus leading to more dental restorations.

What are Some of the Available Dental Bridges

Some of the commonly available types of dental bridges in Terre Haute, IN that your dentist at Staley Family Dentistry can use in replacing your missing teeth include:

  • Traditional Fixed Bridge. This is the most common type of dental bridge. It has two or more crowns and filler teeth that are all connected. The dental crowns keep the bridge in place. Traditional bridges are made from ceramics, metal, or porcelain fused to metal. They can also last ten years when properly taken care of or maintained.
  • Cantilever Bridge. This dental bridge has a pontic connected to only one abutment tooth. This is an option for people with teeth on one side of the gap.
  • Maryland dental bridge. This is a resin b0nded bridge. This is specifically meant to fix problems with missing front teeth. It is made of porcelain fused to ceramic or metal teeth and supported by a framework. There are wings on each side of your dental bridge that bond to your existing teeth.
  • Implant-supported bridge. This type o dental bridge s similar to the traditional fixed bridge, but instead of being cemented on your teeth, it is held by an implant.

How Long Do You Have to Wait To Get Dental Bridges After a Tooth Extraction?

How long it takes to have a dental bridge following a tooth extraction largely depends on your oral health situation. After tooth extraction, it is normal to have your soft tissues, like gums, swollen. That’s why your gums need to heal properly before going back for an appointment to start the process or placing dental bridges. It may take at most 12 weeks for your gums to heal completely. Your dentist can also advise you when to have your dental bridges.

How Does Dental Bridge Work?

Your first visit will entail your dentist preparing the abutment teeth. This is done by recontouring your teeth to remove the enamel, thus allowing enough room for the crown. In the next step, your dentist will take impressions o your teeth to help them create a customized pontic that matches your teeth. Your dentist will then place a temporary bridge to protect the exposed gums and teeth as you wait for the dental bridges.

At your second visit, your dentist at our family dentistry in Terre Haute will remove the temporary bridge and replace it with the new bridge. This may require an additional visit to ensure that your bridge fits perfectly and comfortably.

Is a Dental Bridge Permanent?

A dental bridge is not permanent, and it needs to be replaced every five to fifteen years. However, this depends on how you care for your teeth, with effective oral hygiene and a good brushing and flossing routine.

Sometimes your dental bridge may become loose or damaged due to tooth decay beneath your bridge or from damage from the surrounding teeth. If this occurs, you might need to replace your bridge. Decay occurs when your bridge has a poor or loose fit.

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