The 3 Main Sedation Types, Their Side Effects, and Risks

The 3 Main Sedation Types, Their Side Effects, and Risks

Feb 01, 2022

Sedation dentistry focuses on relieving pain and stress during a dental procedure. Combining sedation and anesthetics makes the procedure pain-free.

What Are the Types of Sedation?

There are different types of sedation. Our dentist near you will choose one depending on the nature of the procedure you are to undergo. They include:

Laughing Gas

It is also known as nitrous oxide gas and is safe for adults and children. This type of sedation leaves you awake and aware of the surroundings throughout the procedure.

It is best suited for people with dental phobia. A mask is placed over your nose, and you take deep breaths to inhale the gas. After some minutes, the gas takes effect on your body. This sedation method is quick to wear off; you can even drive yourself home after the procedure.

After our dentist removes the mask, there will be no effects. For this reason, it is the less risky form of sedation. Laughing gas is applicable for all procedures. However, intensive ones require a local anesthetic to numb you, preventing pain.

Oral Sedation

It is usually a pill that you take orally. Oral sedation requires you to fast for several hours before the appointment. The majority of people have their appointments scheduled for the morning since they have not eaten since the previous night. There are a variety of pills available, but our dentist will prescribe the one you should use.

The pill makes you drowsy to the extent of sleeping. Our dentist will wake you up whenever your concentration is required. You should also bring someone along to drive you home because you won’t be in a position to do it yourself. If your child happens to take oral sedation, you need to watch them closely for the day as it wears off.

IV Sedation

Administration of intravenous sedation is through a tube into the vein of your arm. The tube ensures a steady flow of medication, and you remain unconscious for the entire procedure. Our dentist near will monitor your vitals to make sure you are breathing. You may be in a position to talk depending on the level of anesthetic used. You will not be in a deep sleep, so you won’t need assistance to breathe.

Be sure to inform our dentist of any allergies you may have, medications you are taking, and whether you have had another surgery before. Follow the instructions given to you, like food restriction, do not smoke before surgery to avoid slow healing, and do not take alcohol a day or two before the procedure.

Bring along a person to drive you home after the procedure.

Side Effects of Sedation

Each sedation method has its side effects. They include:

Oral sedation – minimal side effects are associated with oral sedation. The advantages of this sedation outweigh the side effects; they include dry mouth, drowsiness, loss of memory of the dental procedure, and headache. However, the side effects only last for a few hours.

Laughing gas – it is commonly used for children. The effects are rare: headaches, nausea or vomiting, burly vision, dizziness, and sweating excessively. Laughing gas makes people laugh uncontrollably.

IV sedation – since it is administered through a needle, a minor swell and light bleeding can occur at the injection point. As the sedation wears off, you might experience headaches, drowsiness, lightheadedness, or nausea.

Risks of Sedation

Taking alcohol, narcotics or pain killers, or other medication that suppresses the nervous system may magnify the effect of sedation in your body. They might lead to slow breathing or even stop the respiratory system. Let your dentist know whether you have been using one of them. Our dentist will take great care of people with underlying conditions to avoid complications.

Staley Family Dentistry has brought sedation dentistry in Terre Haute to cater for you if you have dental phobia. Pain-free dentistry is not all about sedation, and that is why we have other methods of making sure that you will be comfortable during your visit. Sedation dentistry near you will help to relax you during the procedure.

The time is now. Book an appointment with us today; we will take care of your teeth. Sedation is the initial stage before other dental procedures. If you need teeth cleaning or root canal or you have a periodontal disease visit our office family dentistry Terre Haute.

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