Veneers in Terre Haute, IN

For a simple and effective way to treat small imperfections in your teeth, consider veneers in Terre Haute, IN. These thin, custom-made shells can be found at Staley Family Dentistry Terre Haute and are a versatile and effective treatment for changing the appearance of the teeth and producing a beautiful smile.

What are Veneers?

Our best dentist near me has classified veneers as thin shells that are made of porcelain or composite resin. They are permanently bonded to the front of the teeth to address cosmetic concerns such as chipped, worn, broken, or discolored teeth. They can also improve the appearance of teeth that are smaller than average. At our dentistry near you in Terre Haute, IN, you can get just one veneer (for a broken or chipped tooth) or as many as six to eight to create a new smile. The most common use of veneers is their application to the top front eight teeth.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are a versatile and affordable treatment in cosmetic dentistry. They allow your dentist at Staley Family Dentistry to create a new, more beautiful smile using just one treatment instead of several. Veneers may be preferred over other treatments, such as dental crowns, because they require only a small amount of preparation for the teeth. Dental crowns in Terre Haute, IN, cover the whole tooth, which means that a fair amount of the tooth structure needs to be removed, veneers cover only the front, so they allow you to keep as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Depending on the material used to create the veneers, they may also be stain-resistant, providing a bright smile.


Two separate visits to Staley Family Dentistry in Terre Haute, IN will be needed to have veneers placed successfully. The first visit is when the tooth or teeth receiving veneers will be prepared. Your dentist in Terre Haute, Indiana, will remove a small amount of the tooth enamel (or a little past the enamel, if needed) to create room for the veneer to fit. Local anesthesia may be needed for this step, but not always. Impressions will then be taken of the prepared tooth or teeth to be sent to a dental laboratory. Temporary veneers may be placed onto the prepared teeth, if needed, until the permanent veneers have been completed and are bonded to the prepared teeth. You will leave our office with a beautiful new smile that you’ll love.

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