Dental Fillings in Terre Haute, IN

Although our dentists at Staley Family Dentistry in Terre Haute, IN, use the most modern procedures for treating cavities, tooth decay can cause discomfort if you ignore it. If you don’t go to the best dentist near me about your cavities right away, they can get larger, and the bacteria can spread into your gums and jaw. Here are some of the reasons why getting dental fillings in Terre Haute, IN, is vital to your oral health.

The Importance of Fillings

Cavities are a way of life for most people. Approximately 78 percent of people have had at least one cavity by the time they are 17 years old. Fortunately, cavities are preventable and treatable, but they are often ignored until the decay worsens and patients are in pain.

Stopping Further Decay

A filling acts to prevent decay from coming back once our dentists in Terre Haute, IN, remove it from a tooth. However, it is also important for our patients to cooperate in preventing decay.

If you have cavities, you should avoid carbohydrate-laden snacks, juices, and maintain good hygiene practices. Also, visit our dentist near me twice a year for check-ups and cleanings to ensure your teeth remain healthy. People from Farmersburg, Rockville, Paris, Brazil, Clinton, and all other parts of Indiana are advised to go for regular exams and cleanings in Terre Haute, IN, for a healthier mouth.

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