Oral Cancer Screenings in Terre Haute, IN

Several types of oral cancers affect people in the United States every year. Detecting oral cancers in the early first stage is important because it increases the chances of cures. At Staley Family Dentistry, we have our dentist in 47803 who provides the most comprehensive oral cancer screenings in Terre Haute, IN.

Who Should Receive Oral Cancer Screenings?

Though there is debate on the need for oral cancer screenings on patients who don’t have risk factors, the reality is everyone should receive oral cancer screenings because the earlier a problem is detected, the better the chances are for cures. Some risk factors will have our dentist in Terre Haute, Indiana, doing these screenings more often than others with less risk for oral cancers.

Most of the risk factors for oral cancers include lifestyle issues. Our best dentist near me says that people who are heavy tobacco users – both smoking and smokeless tobacco – should receive regular oral cancer screenings. The same is true for people who have heavy alcohol use. People spending time in the sun should get oral cancer screenings as well, as the lips could be a risk factor.

At Staley Family Dentistry, our dentists make sure that you get thorough cancer screenings regardless of your risk factors. The goal of any type of cancer is to catch it early. With oral cancers, it is especially important because oral cancers can affect everything from your ability to chew to your appearance.

When you arrive at the office, let the staff know of any risk factors you have or concerns about oral cancer.

What Do Dentists Look for in Oral Cancer Screenings?

Dentists are looking for cancerous or precancerous cells in the mouth. There are several things that our dentist near me will look for in the mouth, including discolorations.

When a dentist does an oral cancer screening, they will collect tissue needed and send it out for analysis. The analysis will come back, and at that point, the dentist will let you know the outcome and the treatment plan.

How to Prevent Oral Cancer

The way to lessen your chances of acquiring oral cancer comes with proper dental hygiene and elimination of risk factors. Quitting tobacco products and heavy drinking is very important. Also, when out in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen on your lips. If your family has a history of cancers, especially oral cancers, you should be checked regularly.

When getting oral cancer screenings in Terre Haute, IN, the best thing to do is contact us at Staley Family Dentistry Terre Haute to set up your screening. Our facility serves patients from all neighboring locations like Clinton, Brazil, Paris, Farmersburg, and Rockville.

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