How Often Should You Receive Fluoride Treatment?

How Often Should You Receive Fluoride Treatment?

Aug 08, 2022

Do you know why dentists recommend fluoride treatments? If you are not aware, we recommend you continue reading this article providing all the information about how fluoride treatments near you from a dentist benefit your dental and overall health.

A natural mineral fluoride helps build strong teeth to prevent cavities. In addition, fluoride can support the health of tooth enamel while fighting bacteria harmful to your teeth and gums. The durable outer layer of the teeth is called enamel.

Fluoride treatments are particularly beneficial if you are at high risk of developing dental caries and cavities. Cavities begin forming on your teeth when bacterial buildup on them and your gums results in a sticky layer of plaque. Dental plaque produces acids to cause erosion of the tissue of your teeth and gums. When plaque penetrates the enamel layer, it infects and damages the dental pulp at the center of your tooth, including the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. As a result, you become susceptible to losing your tooth or undergoing fearsome root canal therapy to prevent loss of teeth. Learn more about how fluoride treatments are beneficial and what you can expect from the therapy.

What to Expect during in-Office Professional Fluoride Treatments?

The dentist near you, an experienced general dentistry professional, provides in-office fluoride treatments in the form of varnish, gel, foam, and mouthwash. Professional fluoride treatments are applied with a brush, tray, swab, or mouthwash.

A fluoride treatment in Terre Haute, IN, contains more fluoride than is available in toothpaste and water. The treatment requires a few minutes and causes no discomfort or anxiety. However, you are advised by the dentist not to eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes after the application to enable your teeth to entirely absorb the fluoride.

Before receiving fluoride treatment near you, it is suggested that you give your entire health history to your dentist to ensure they select the appropriate treatment for you.

Fluoride Treatment Costs

Fluoride treatments are not cosmetic procedures and are downright affordable. Insurance providers cover fluoride treatments for children, but adults requiring the treatment might have to pay $ 10 or $ 30 or more for it. You can inquire about the costs of this therapy before deciding for or against the treatment.

What Is Your Requirement of Fluoride?

The American Dental Association recommends receiving in-office professional fluoride treatments quarterly, half-yearly or annually depending on your oral health. If you are at high risk of dental cavities, you might also receive a prescription for a unique fluoride rinse or gel for use at home.

Your risk of cavities gets enhanced by excessive use of alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, poor dental hygiene, avoiding professional dental care, weakened enamel, poor diet, and xerostomia, causing decreased saliva and dry mouth.

You can receive fluoride from dietary sources such as water, food cooked in water, fish eaten with bones, infant formula, et cetera. You get optimal fluoride from food, water, and supplements. However, experts suggest recommended doses for everyone, including children from infancy and adults.

The Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride works by restoring minerals to your tooth surfaces where bacteria have caused enamel erosion. Fluoride can also prevent the development of oral bacteria to prevent cavities in the mouth.

Fluoride doesn’t remove tooth decay by itself but creates a durable clear on your teeth to help stop decline from penetrating its deeper parts. Children and adults both benefit from the benefits of fluoride. Experts advise that children receive exposure to fluoride at an early age because it helps them prevent the development of cavities. Children and adolescents receiving fluoride treatments for a year are less likely to develop tooth decay or cavities than children kept away from fluoride treatments.

Fluoride for Children

Children below three are better supervised to brush their teeth with a tiny dab of fluoride toothpaste on their toothbrushes. The toothpaste should be no bigger than a rice grain and cover 50 percent of the toothbrush’s bristles. Children between three and six can have a pea-sized grain of fluoride toothpaste and brush under the supervision of the parent or caregiver to ensure the child does not swallow the toothpaste.

Fluoride is a fundamental mineral that helps avoid cavities in your teeth. Fluoride restores the minerals lost by tooth enamel and prevents harmful bacteria from building up on the teeth. You can care for your mouth by practicing appropriate dental hygiene but benefit better by getting professional fluoride treatments because it acts as an additional protective barrier on your teeth to prevent unnecessary problems.

If you haven’t received fluoride treatments for some time, please schedule an appointment with Luke Staley Family Dentistry to receive the therapy and strengthen your tooth enamel. The treatment is affordable and doesn’t cause any discomfort but protects your teeth from cavities as best possible.

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