Do Dental Crowns Provide Any Benefits If You Need Them?

Do Dental Crowns Provide Any Benefits If You Need Them?

Apr 01, 2021

You have damaged or weakened teeth that need restorations to strengthen them. The damages to your teeth could result from a large cavity that cannot be filled and may benefit from another repair. In such cases, you will find a dental crown addressing your needs appropriately.

Dental crowns are also beneficial if you have a cracked or weakened tooth or are severely worn down. If you have recently undergone root canal treatments, the endodontist recommends restoring the tooth with a dental crown because endodontic treatment renders the tooth fragile. Dental crowns are also helpful if you have lost a tooth and are considering a dental implant or bridge.

If you must restore your teeth with a tooth cap, you must contact the dentist near me to determine which variety is suitable for your requirements. It would help if you considered many factors when choosing a dental crown to cover your weakened or damaged tooth. The durability of the restoration, the costs, and their strength are all critical considerations. You may also want the restoration to match your remaining teeth. You can discuss various options with the best dentist near me to determine what best meets your needs.

What Varieties of Dental Crowns Can You Have?

You can find various dental crown types customized from different materials. You can select crowns made from porcelain, zirconia, ceramic, et cetera after considering factors like your tooth’s location, the function of the tooth needing the crown, the color of the surrounding teeth, and how much of the tooth is visible when smiling.

How Much Will the Restoration Cost?

Dental crowns are not the most affordable tooth restorations. However, they are essential if you want to protect your weakened or damaged teeth from further damages. The costs of dental crowns can vary from $ 800-$ 1500 depending on the body you decide for the crown and the maligned tooth’s size. You can have gold crowns if you are willing to spend around $ 2500.

The cost of dental crowns can vary if the dentist in Terre Haute, IN, must perform extensive preparatory work before crown placement. If you need dental implants or root canal therapy before crown placements, the treatments can push the prices of crowns higher.

Will You Experience Complications with Dental Crowns?

After restoring your teeth with dental crowns as a valuable solution for a significant problem with your teeth, you may think the crowned tooth is not prone to any complications. However, problems with dental crowns can arise with issues like teeth sensitivity, chipped crown, allergic reactions, or knocked-out crown. The dentist Terre Haute, Indiana provides information on the complications that may occur to prepare you for them ahead of time.

How Much Is Time Required to Get Dental Crowns?

Here again, the dental crown -type you select will determine how much time is required to get the restoration on your teeth. If you have chosen traditional crowns, you need at least two visits to Staley family dentistry spanning over two to three weeks. If you opt for same-day crowns, the dentist can accomplish the entire procedure in approximately three to four hours.

With traditional crowns, your dentist prepares the tooth needing the crown after taking x-rays. Molds of your teeth and mouth are also taken beforehand. The tooth receiving the crown is filed down to remove part of its outer layer. An impression of the trimmed-down tooth is taken for the dental laboratory to customize your traditional restoration. You receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth in the meanwhile. After the dental lab returns the permanent crown, you must revisit the dental facility to have the temporary crown removed and permanent restoration placed.

If you have selected the same-day procedure, you can skip the temporary crown. The dentist obtains digital pictures of your mouth and creates the dental crown in the dental office. The crown is fabricated from a block of ceramic and is placed on your teeth in a couple of hours as you wait in the dental office.

Caring for Your Dental Restoration

After you have the dental crown placed on a tooth is incredibly essential for you to care for it appropriately. You can use the helpful tips mentioned below to maintain the restoration in excellent condition.

Brush your teeth twice a day, and consider using toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Flossing every day helps to keep on your teeth in prime condition.

Avoid hard foods and detrimental habits like chewing on ice that can crack the dental crown, especially if you have chosen the porcelain variety.

If your grind or clench your teeth when sleeping, your dentist may recommend using a nightguard to protect your dental crown and surrounding teeth.

Dental crowns are appropriate restorations for damaged and weakened teeth and remain with you for approximately 5 to 15 years with proper dental hygiene. If you have them on your teeth, you must care for them to ensure they last their lifespan and let you enjoy your investment.

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