Types of Oral Surgery Procedures and Its Benefits

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures and Its Benefits

Dec 01, 2020

If you know someone or have seen a person who has an extensive facial/jaw misalignment or disfigurement, then you clearly know how draining these situations can be. The negative impacts that they bring with them can be very depressing at times especially when one lacks moral, emotionally, and financial support from friends and relatives. However, despite your condition, oral surgery procedures can help get you better and improve your look.

Oral Surgery Procedures

The following are the different treatments you are bound to receive when you go to dental expert who offers oral surgery services near you:

  • Root canals – When a tooth’s root suffers from decay and it starts to rot, an oral surgeon can save it by performing a root canal therapy to remove the decayed pulp and the infected nerve tissue.
  • Tumor removal – Persons with malignancies, cysts, and benign tumors in the jaw, tongue, lips, and gums can have them removed by oral surgeons to improve their body health.
  • Reconstructive surgery – This is for patients who have suffered serious injuries or congenital defects and want to have their mouth repaired.
  • TMJ treatment – During this procedure, oral surgeons will remove, re-position, or re-contour some of the components found in your jaw joint to relieve jaw pain.
  • Bite Correction – Patients with asymmetrical faces or crooked jaws are more likely to have bite misalignments than those who don’t. When orthodontics has failed to correct the bite issue, oral surgery may be performed to restore functionality and relieve pain.

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The Benefits of Having Oral Surgery

There are several benefits that you’ll reap from an oral surgery in Terre Haute, especially when the procedure is done right. Here is a list of some of its benefits:

  1. It helps prevent the loss of a tooth – When done at the right time, an oral surgical procedure like dental implants can help in the prevention of tooth loss by restoring your tooth’s functionality especially if you had lost it to an infection or injury.
  2. Addresses the patient’s underlying problem and symptom – Since there are different oral surgery procedures, a wide range of oral issues can be corrected as each procedure is designed to address a specific problem. For instance, if your jaws are misaligned, jaw-alignment surgery may be scheduled by your orthodontist. Both orthodontists and dentists work closely together to create smiles that are esthetic and also functional.
  3. It prevents the occurrence of permanent damage and restores deficits – In most cases, the problems associated with your maxillary jaw and mandibular are progressive. This means that unless you seek the right treatment, your condition will keep on getting worse. Luckily, the innovative techniques adopted in bone-grafting procedures like the L-PRF, have made it possible for oral experts to correct the defects causing you problems in your bone and improve your oral health.
  4. Helps build a positive self-esteem and self-image – When done by an experienced professional, oral surgery can help an individual regain their lost appearance, beauty, and smile thus leading to the increase of the individual’s self-esteem.
  5. It offers long-term restorative options for missing teeth – If more than one of your teeth are missing and you decide to have them replaced by dental implants, it’s safe to know that you have selected a long-term and highly successful treatment. Should you opt for dentures or bridges, note that you’ll have to schedule future appointments for repairs and you’ll be required to get a replacement for these devices after using them for a while.
  6. Restores the patient’s smile – The number one thing that most people will notice about you, is your smile. If by any chance you have a problem that has affected your smile like a tooth that’s missing, jaw misalignment, cleft palate, or perhaps a tumor on the gum or lip that’s visible, you’ll want to smile less often and you’re more likely to get anxious at social gatherings. The good news is that all these flaws can be fixed and you can have a new unique smile by simply going to an oral surgery clinic near Terre Haute, Indiana areas.

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